Who We Are

Artemia specialists working to produce the world’s finest Artemia products from the world’s most significant Artemia source, the Great Salt Lake, for now, and for future generations. For over thirty years, we have appreciated the importance of providing excellent products and caring for and protecting this delicate natural resource.

Great Salt Lake Artemia is a collection of member companies working together to harvest and distribute the best Artemia products available. For over three decades, our products in Artemia and Shrimp Feed have led the industry in quality, dependability, and nutrition. 

Our decades of experience with Artemia and its environment demonstrate our ability to utilize hard science to maintain the highest quality when harvesting Artemia. Providing excellent customer service and a superior product is also a core part of our mission. 

We are proud of the steps we’ve taken to ensure the industry’s future, the health and well-being of the Artemia resource, and our customers’ happiness worldwide. Service, value, and preservation make us different, and why we’re proud to be the stewards of the Artemia in the Great Salt Lake.

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What we do

We work hard to ensure the very best for our customers and the environment. We are experts in the harvesting, processing, and ecology of Artemia, using science to improve our products and preserve the Artemia’s natural habitat. 

Through scientific research, we help our customers by providing superior products and being careful stewards of the environment, so the Great Salt Lake’s natural resources can thrive for centuries to come. 

Doing what’s right for our customers and the environment is imperative. It is possible due to our scientific approach, state-of-the-art labs, and our vigilance in caring for the environment. We are inventive, curious, careful, and forward-thinking.

We strive to be the world’s leader in Artemia solutions, providing superior products while focusing on the health and well-being of Great Salt Lake, thinking in the moment but acting for the future.

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A premium brand of Artemia sold and used worldwide.


A premium Brand of Artemia sold worldwide, popular in South America


A premium brand of Artemia used in major aquacultural farms all over Asia

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Why We're Unique

 We care about our products and service but, we’re also mindful of the environment that supports the Artemia and the surrounding areas. We produce the highest quality Artemia products for our globally recognized brands such as Sanders, MacKay, and Golden West through our world-class labs and the most modern processing equipment. We have provided hatcheries with the most up-to-date Artemia solutions including SEP-Art, which maximizes yield and delivers total separation for 100% Nauplii without chemicals. We also offer Artemia Guard, which provides improved biosecurity by reducing vibrio thus improving production. The care we take with our products, our solutions utilizing the latest technology, and our impact on the environment with a determination to keep the Artemia population thriving for the future are just a few things that make GSLA stand out among the rest. We will always provide the best while maintaining a healthy and thriving environment.


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