Highest Quality

Great Salt Lake Artemia offers Artemia exclusively from the Great Salt Lake in the United States. GSLA Artemia is easy to hatch with no chemical enhancements, narrow temperature windows, or excessive light requirements. GSLA brands also come with our guarantee that our product will hatch at or above the promised hatch rate.

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Guaranteed Hatch Rate

Great Salt Lake Artemia is guaranteed to hatch at or above the promised hatch rate. GSLA Artemia is easy to hatch with no chemical enhancements or small temperature windows or excessive light requirements. We have clear traceability and environmental controls you can trust.



Global brand of Artemia sold around the world.



Global brand of Artemia very popular in South America.



Global brand used in major Aquaculture hatcheries in Asia.


Why Use More Artemia

More Artemia in the diet means better nutritional uptake from the inert feed through increased digestion of the inert diet. More Artemia also means more significant weight increases and better balance and growth. Crucially, increased use of Artemia supports a more remarkable survival rate of shrimp and fish overall. More Artemia means better shrimp and fish.

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