Advanced Technology

 World-class labs, technological know-how combined with nature’s bounty creates technology-based solutions for better Artemia products and improved growth of shrimp and fish.


Artemia Guard

Artemia Guard is a coating you can add to any GSLA Artemia brand of products to increase your Artemia production by reducing Vibrio in the hatching process.    Improve your hatchery’s biosecurity while increasing the Artemia viability and vitality for better results in fish/shrimp survival and growth.


SEP-Art is a patented technology that provides a magnetic coating on the cysts, which allows for mechanical and complete separation of the nauplii from the shell at the time of harvest by means of passive magnets. SEP-Art delivers 100% live Nauplius suspension. SEP-Art improves Artemia hatching yields over traditional separation methods and improves enrichment kinetics.

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